Leadership Tip: Empathy

Empathy is seeing through the eyes of others, think with their mind; sense its patterns. consider what their actual interest are and working with them from that point.

people need to be accepted and accepted and recognized for their special and unique spirits.

Larry C Spears says the most successful servant leader are those who have become skilled empathetic listeners


Pastor Kazeem Desmond Ogunsakin is the founder and president of ZFCC, a do it yourself ministry, the ministry which came into reality on the 9th Sept 2007 Along with overseeing Zion Family Christian Church, he is the founder and coordinator of a prayer ministry (Soulsavers Foundation Ireland). A non denomination Christian ministry based in Longford. He is a trained banker with over 20 years experience in banking industry; Pastor Kazeem started his banking carrier with the Central Bank of Nigeria, and later joined the Bank of America, in Ireland until he went into full time ministry in 2010. He attended Agape Ministerial Institute, Nigeria for his first ministry training under leadership of Bishop Felix Adejumo and later studied Applied Theology at the Irish Bible Institute (IBI campus) of University of Wales. He also holds a certificate in counselling from the National university of Ireland. He also did his MA studies in the management of nonprofit at AllHallows College, a DCU college, in Dublin. He has special interest in families and believes that marriages should be a heaven here on earth and that satanic power should not hold any child of God from getting married and enjoying marital life. He is a marriage counsellor; deliverance minister; teacher of the word of God. As an intercessor, he believes so much in the efficacy of prayer and God has done so many miracles through his anointed prayer and the testimonies that follows are tremendous. He host a powerful 12 days annual prayer and fasting conference under the auspices of Soulsavers Foundation a non denominational prayer group in Longford Ireland. Pastor Kaz, as popularly called balances his life and ministry as the dedicated husband of Ola and a proud father of three wonderful children; Favour, Praise, and Shalom.

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2 comments on “Leadership Tip: Empathy
  1. Empathy can only come from listening.
    In my job empathy is a vital part of rapport for building relationships and trust in people.

    • pastorkazeem says:

      You are right brother and that is why as leader we should empathize with our followers, stepping in their shoe sometimes. But a note of caution for us as leaders is to understand boundaries

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